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A Brief History Lesson

The Clockmaker's Inn was built by Robert Canavan of Scotch Village in 1894 for Rufus Curry - a son of a wealthy Sea Captain and business merchant. The house was occupied by Rufus Curry from 1894 until his death in 1934 and his widow Corneila continued to live in the house until 1946.

From 1946-1956 the house was used as a nursing home known as Windsor Manor.

 In 1956 it was purchased by David and Esther Allbon who converted the carriage house into a printing shop.

In 1978 Dennis and Veronica Connelly purchased the house and in 1985 opened their home as a Bed and Breakfast calling it the "Clockmaker's Inn" after the book entitled - "The Clockmaker" by Judge Thomas Haliburton, a Windsor native. In the late 1990s the Connellys retired the Bed and Breakfast but continued to live in the home until the Dunham's purchased the historic property in Feburary 2005 and transformed the grand old home into a beautiful Victorian Inn.

 On July 1st 2006, after a year and a half of renovating the house, and converting the Carraige House into a modern loft apartment for Sarah and Sean to live in, The Clockmaker's Inn  re-opened its doors to the public.

 More about the Clockmaker's Inn

The French chateau style house has a distinctive mansard roof, curved glass in the bay windows, iron cresting on the roof top, and seven stained glass windows in the projecting centre tower. Inside there are 24 rooms, five open fire places; at the turn of the stairway there is a large, elaboratley designed and recently renovated stained glass window. The floor in the main hallway is intricate parquet using three different woods. This parquet design is continued on the stairs and wainscoting. Most rooms were graced with handpainting by George Lyons of Falmouth in 1909 and some of these paintings still remain.
The cost of building the house was $29,000 - roughly 2 million by modern standards.The house is a Registered Provincial Heritage Property.

Meet the Inn Keepers!

Debbie and Rick Dunham have owned and operated the Inn since 2005. They live next door and are usually around the property somewhere. Debbie is a retired elementary school teacher who taught in Dartmouth for 30+ years. You will find her mostly in the kitchen, and if she is not around she is probably travelling the world or playing with her grandsons. Rick still has his day job, but loves spending the weekends here as the official porch sitter and joke teller. He is usually tinkering around or mowing the lawns. Have a seat and enjoy his stories and jokes if you get the chance!

Rick and Debbie’s daughter, Sarah, lives in the Carriage house. She and Sean operated the inn for many years and are both still around helping in many ways! Their sons, Franklin and Charlie are at the inn often as well. They are here to entertain during breakfast sometimes!

Rick and Debbie have another daughter, Rebecca, who is married with three children; her sons Emerson & Alister, daughter Juniper and husband, Amin, now live down the road! They love to visit the inn!

Karen has been the lead housekeeper at the inn for 20+ years. We joke that she came with the house when the Dunham’s bought it! She keeps the inn in amazing shape, from maintaining the original woodwork to refreshing rooms for guests’ convenience and comfort.

There are also a few part-time girls to help with check-ins, housekeeping, reception, and keeping the place running smoothly.


We all work together to offer the best possible service to our guests, and look forward to providing you with whatever you need to ensure that your stay with us is memorable and comfortable in every way. Now that you know us a little better, we can’t wait to get to know you too!